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Have you heard of East Vancouver photographer Walter Frost?

  • Walter Edwin Frost (1898-1988) was an avid amateur photographer interested in ships, trains, and the city of Vancouver.

  • Walter entrusted his extensive collection of 13,369 images including 83 photos of Holland-America Line freighters and passenger ships docked on Vancouver's waterfront to the City of Vancouver Archives in 1984.  

  • Walter's body of work demonstrates in crisp, clear black & white photographs how the nature of shipping and naval architecture have evolved.

For more about Walter, click here.

What is inspiration for HAL | VAS?

  • Did you know that Holland-America Line (abbreviated as HAL) ships have been calling at Vancouver for over 100 years?

  • Or that the radio callsign V-A-S was the radio callsign of the former Vancouver Harbour Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centre?

Why now?

The year 2024 marks:

  • 40 years since East Van photographer Walter Frost entrusted his extensive collection of 13,369 black & white photographic negatives to the City of Vancouver Archives.

The year 2020 marked:

  • 100 years since the Holland-America Line began its North Pacific Coast service

  • 45 years since HAL's first Alaska cruise

The S.S. Eemdyk (2) inaugurated HAL's North Pacific Coast service when the 7,665-GRT freighter arrived in Vancouver on September 29, 1920 to load 5,000 cases of B.C. salmon and general cargo destined for continental Europe.

In 1975, HAL's 8,566-GRT passenger liner M.S. Prinsendam completed HAL's first Alaska cruise on the Inside Passage itinerary.

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