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Thanks to the City of Vancouver Archives for hosting Walter Frost’s Arctic Explorers photo exhibition!

Special thanks to Heather Gordon (City Archivist) and her wonderful staff who provided the gallery space, helped set up and then took down the exhibition, Duncan MacLeod (Maritime and Arctic Researcher) who helped curate the exhibition. 

The following sponsors for their financial support and work in kind made this exhibition possible:

  • Odlum Brown and Cameron McLeod

  • Bunt & Associates namely Yulia Liem and Heidi Weihs

  • The van Weelderen family 

  • Kent Southwell of Kent Picture Framing, and

  • Yvon Lantaigne of Studio Madillo Creative Services for the excellent work on creating the maps and enhancing the archival photos

Finally, I would like to thank my wife Amy for her continuous support throughout this endeavour from start to finish; and my son Jasper for being the EMCEE / photographer at February's Grand Opening.

Keep an eye out for another Lens on Vancouver's Past in the future...

The van Weelderen family
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And there it was! gone...

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