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Floris van Weelderen, P.Eng. (Non-Practicing), CD is a Dutch-Canadian soldier, engineer, husband, father, and published author. 


After emigrating to Canada from the Netherlands at age seven, Floris went on to graduate from Magee Secondary School (class of 1985). From there, he obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary in 1990 and returned to Vancouver with his wife in 1999.


For over 30 years, Floris has practiced traffic engineering and transportation planning which culminated in his role of Senior Transportation Engineer and member of the Senior Leadership Team at Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd.'s Vancouver office.

Floris published his first book “Citadels of the West: Military architecture in British Columbia” in 2005 which was inspired by 24 years of military service with Vancouver’s storied British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own).  He is a member of the Vancouver Historical Society and penned an article entitled “SIXTH REGIMENT WILL INVADE UNITED STATES” which details the travels of the 6th Regiment, Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles to Seattle’s 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.

Also a member of the Steamship Historical Society of America, Floris stumbled across Walter Frost’s extensive body of photographs while chronicling his father’s 1960s adventures as a 3e Stuurman (3rd Mate) aboard Holland-America Line freighters and ocean liners. This led to Floris curating a micro-exhibition at the Vancouver Maritime Museum entitled “A LENS ON VANCOUVER'S PAST: Walter Frost’s Holland-America Line (1920-1975)". Another book in this series is ”GATEWAY TO THE PACIFIC: Prominent Piers & Wharves in Vancouver” which documents the evolution of Vancouver’s waterfront from forested shoreline to bustling seaport.

Today, Floris continues to explore and write about other aspects of Vancouver's maritime history and is currently organizing a new photo exhibition entitled "A LENS ON VANCOUVER'S PAST: Walter Frost’s Arctic Explorers (1920-1976)" at the City of Vancouver Archives.


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